Style, comfort, warmth, and ease are essential in creating your sanctuary. At Edge & Ethos Designs, we create tailored designs, approaching each space as an opportunity to tell your unique story.

Our personal approach creates an inviting and welcoming experience for our clients and every individual who enters one of our interiors. We make it our priority to work with our clients to fully develop a design concept that fits their lifestyle, aesthetic, budget, and vision for their home. With an Edge & Ethos design, you are guaranteed quality, personalization, and sophistication.


The guest experience begins the moment they walk in. At Edge & Ethos we create inspired designs for luxury hospitality destinations.

Our approach to each design is to personalize the guest experience through attention to design, detail, and service and inspired by a sense of place and individuality. From inspiration to grand opening, from arrival to departure, we take you on a journey and craft curated experiences that resonate on an emotional level.

Senior Living

We design for people and their environment. Creating places for living, reconnecting, and playing is what we do. With a human-centered approach, we bridge necessity with comfort to craft experiences for our loves ones who are aging.

Living in one’s senior years should be comfortable, vibrant, and supportive of all stages of aging. We are committed to creating designs that have limited impact and accommodate the needs of the people who will call a new community home. Our designs ensure that our loved ones can age in comfort, familiarity, and with pride.